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Simply the best way to pay. Steward Pay replaces your physical cards and cash with an easier, safer and more secure payment method whether you’re in a store or online. It’s money, made modern.


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The Core functionalities

eCommerce Acquiring

Provision of online integration services for established web-sites and online marketing platforms

Buyer Protection

Industry-standard encryption as well as 3D secure transaction mechanisms

eCommerce on Kambudzi

A USSD push functionality for merchants with “Kambudzi” phone or with limited data on their mobile phones

Self On-Boarding

A self-service on boarding process for merchants using web and mobile application

Data Analytics

Merchants would be able to see analytics related to their transactions using a convenient configurable reporting tool

Account Aggregation

Users & merchants will be able to use multiple accounts from different financial service providers under one account. This allows users to pay from & merchants to receive into any bank account.

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